Non-governmental organizations or NGO are organizations which combines member on a voluntary basis towards common objectives of the organizations and ideology. The non-governmental organizations does not focus on profit, it operating in the interests of the company and in own non-governmental group interests


         Types of NGO

       There are two types of non-governmental organizations – associations and foundations.

The society is a voluntary association of people working to achieve the objective laid down by the Statute. So it is a member of the organization in which the merging parties on the basis of the principle of association.

While the Foundation has a property set, which shall not have a profit-making nature, and that has been set for the achievement of goal specified by the founder.

In Foundation is not members, it may have one or several founders whose status remains forever.

[Associations and Foundations Law “Section A, Chapter 1, Section 2”]


       Civil participation

      NGO complements public administration with different national administrative task delegation and implementation of certain projects, for example, the provision services, especially health, education, sports, social and environmental fields, and acting on a voluntary basis (using voluntary work) and civilian (addressing civil society development issues).

NGO are strong national regulatory cooperation partner. Latvian legislation providing for public participation in the central public administration, participation in different working groups, councils, advisory bodies, as well as providing opinions and proposals for an institution officials initiatives. Latvian NGO can influence the decision-making process by taking part in the development of Latvian national positions within the relevant ministries.



     Associations and foundations are regulated by:

Law of associations and foundations -

Public Benefit Organization Law -


Because of the large number of registered NGO in Jelgava, the Society Integration Board has compiled and maintains a list of active Jelgava NGO with a view to the rapid exchange of information between NGO aid organizations, NGO, local authorities and the national authorities.


* If you are not in this list or you want to supplement or correct or add information about your organization, you can fill in the questionnaire in Jelgava NGO.






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